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SanMarco Tiles, Inc. was established in 2005

Although the company may seem young, the people behind it have been experienced in the business of trading and installing roofing materials of all kinds for 30 years.

The technology and machineries for manufacturing concrete roof tiles was also imported from Italy, by a company experienced in making concrete roof tile machines for 40 years.

SanMarco Tiles boasts of very appealing profiles such as Mission and Slate, which simulates roofing products made of clay and natural stones without the high costs of production and importation.

SanMarco Tiles fully owned Filipino company.  More than 90% of it's raw materials are sourced locally, therefore, it reduces the need for importing roofing products from abroad.  It saves precious foreign exchange and provides job opportunities for Filipinos.

San Marco Roof Tiles
San Marco Roof Tiles

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